Burke and Wills - Terra Incognita Image detail
Robert O'Hara Burke
William John Wills
Ludwig Becker
Hermann Beckler
William Brahe
Charlie Gray
Alfred William Howitt
John King
George Landells
Ludwig Leichhardt
John McDouall Stuart
William Wright
Samuel Smith

George Landells (? -1871)


Landells was engaged in the horse trade between Australia and India, and was well placed to import camels on his return trips.

On the basis of his expertise with camels, he was originally appointed second-in-command to Burke, and even received a higher salary. His personality, however, was unsuited to his position, and particularly to a leader like Burke.

Jealous of his authority over the camels, and hypersensitive to any encroachment upon it, he clashed with Burke over their management and resigned shortly before the expedition arrived in Menindie.









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